Criminal Law

Dealing with criminal prosecution can be a frightening and confusing process. But, armed with some basic knowledge, you can greatly improve your chances of successfully fighting your case. First of all – don’t talk! If you are arrested in Arizona, do not speak with the police until you have contacted a criminal defense lawyer. Even if you are arrested in the middle of the night, you will be allowed to call a lawyer.

While the initial consultation can be done with any available criminal lawyer, you will want to be careful when you pick the lawyer who will end up taking your case. The legal process can take many different courses, and our attorneys will be able to counsel you along every step of the way.

Sometimes when there are flaws in the evidence gathered against you or a very strong defense can be mounted, the prosecution may drop the charges or come to a reduced sentence. Your case may not even need to proceed to trial. However, if your case does reach the court system, we will construct an aggressive defense strategy to question the prosecutor’s charges and legal theories.

A criminal conviction can have numerous negative repercussions in your life. Your job, your family, your reputation, even your liberty may be at stake. There are, undoubtedly, a million thoughts and questions racing through your mind. However, you do have rights and you are presumed to be innocent. We are here to vigorously assert your rights and provide you with superior legal representation.

At The Roach Law Firm, our experienced attorneys are all former prosecutors and have years of experience prosecuting and defending criminal cases. Our attorneys have successfully handled thousands of criminal cases and knows the system. The sooner you call us, the more effective we can be in your case.

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